It offers service of warehouse, logistics and movement of goods of different kind, having the opportunity to exchange the different ways of conveying.
The operating area is easily accessible, it is connected with goods-station of the railway station and it has an internal railway calling which is constituted by 1,000 lines with engines used for the dragging. Storing areas and equipment are suitable in pursuance of laws in force concerning the stowage and the administration of the different kind of goods: traditional, ADR, alimentary.
We decant powdery and granulated products into loose, palletised items and bales.
We provide customers with screw systems for the decanting of powder and powder-mill, load and unloading of wagons which come from Italy or from foreign countries, having at our disposal six lines, whose two are closed, and two dragging locomotives internal to the terminal.
We have a customs and closed warehouse that measures 12,500 mq and it is used to stow goods.
Documents and logistics are administrated through Internet connection to the customers' computer systems.