The firm G.A.A.P consists of two companies, G.A.A.P COOP. Ltd and G.A.A.P TERMINAL Ltd which have been established respectively in 1963 and in 1986.
They operate jointly in conveyance and logistics sectors and their seat and operative base are located in PIACENZA, Via Arda 18/22 in an area not far from the turn off Piacenza Sud-East, from the railway station and from customs. The expanse of the area in which we operate is 75,000 mq whose 22,000 are covered.
Although the two companies have a joined seat, they are independent from the accounting and administrative points of view and they are concerned with different sectors of activity.
Both G.A.A.P COOP. Ltd and G.A.A.P TERMINAL Ltd have obtained the certification of quality from CERTIQUALITY of Milan according to the European Standard UNI ISO EN 9002. The two companies offer a complete service in conveyance and in sorting of any sort of good.